This is the end. Hold your breath and count to ten.

Yes, I’m quoting Adele, and yes, it’s the end, it’s the last class, it’s the EduTechnovation day everibadi!

Together with Fatihah Abd. Rahman (read: tehee) I’m in charge of the technical side. A duty I accepted with great honor. Anyway, it’s nothing much. A few keyboard clicks and that is all. But we get to sit in the front so hewhew.

Was it nervous? Yes.

The judges come, and it’s showtime. Once it over, I feel relaxed. Finally. It’s over yayyy. Even though we’re unable to get any place, I’m still satisfied. But still, we still have rooms to improve though.

And oh, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my fellow lecturers for being so freaking awesome!!!!  Thank you so much. This subject has been enjoyable throughout the semester.




The bell has been rung, and he is coming!!! 

Okay, obviously by he, I mean EduTechnovation day.

No class today. Yayy?  Nay. Not really. We still have a scene to go before we finished our casting.

Luckily, the lab is open. Wide open. More lucky, only a meager people came. Thus, more room for us to discuss how our last shot will look like.

A few argument and suggestions later, we did it. The final scene. Sighs. Finally. All we have to do now is wait for our director (read: Naqib Syahmi) to edit the video.


EduTechnovation Day just around the corner. To make sure we’re fully prepared, our lecterurs decided for us to present our draft for the second time.

After our first draft got criticised quite heavy, we alter our video, do a reshoot to make sure it complies the standard. Apparently, we’re not up par yet. Our dialogue, which made up of slang, in layman’s terms, bahasa pasar, was deemed unsuitable. As future educator, it is important for us to show a well mannered language, especially this video will be shown to other lecturer as well.

So? More reshoots!

p/s: Even good movies (read: Star Wars VI: The Force Awakens)  undergoes reshoots for a couple of timws. Still, total grossing is more than 2 billion USD!


It’s field trip day oh em goodness! With all the photography lesson the other the day, I’m ready to click and snap hewhew.

We first scattered around Taman Botani to take pictures. We arrived quite late, it’s jam packed. There’s an event happening there so yeah. Anyway I’m surprised to see how much green it is! It’s the first time I visited Taman Botani, and the lush of green around the garden provide an overwhelming number of scenery waiting for my camera. I took a couple of pictures there but this one right here, is the best, at least for me.

We then went to Masjid Putra, where we rendezvous with Dr. Rosseni and Dr. Fariza. Again, it’s breathtaking. The Turkish-inspired architecture provided me with interesting angle. Excitedly, I went inside, taking pictures and all, before I saw the steward hushing people like me out of the building. Luckily he didn’t see me! (yet) Apparently, you need to have a tour guide, and that’s what we did. Along with our tour guide, who gave us an in-depth explanation about the mosque, we toured the mosque, from the praying hall, to the basement. After the tour, we were left to do our own thing. This is my window to take a number of pictures. Admittedly, a number of pictures from my Flickr account taken after the tour.

Check my Flickr account! Look at your left! It’s there!


Presentation day!

After weeks of planning, scribbling, arguing and recording, we finally get to unveil our video to the class (well,  a little part of it). Among the comments received from the lecterurs is the language used. At first, we used quite a lot Malay dialogues in it. They suggested we use English Language, since we’re gonna show it to the faculty member. Since we got roasted quite heavily, we decided it’s best to take another take on out video. Thank goodness for the presentation.


The ever glowing Dr Fariza handled the class today. Photography yayyy! Probably today’s subject is the one I’m looking forward to ever since day one. I love photography. Yet, I barely know the basic. So today’s lesson provided me with more than adequate knowledge about photography.

This class also geared us up for the photography assignment in Putrajaya. So, no more ugly rattling picture lmao.
This video sum up everything we learned today. Check it out!


Video, video,video, video and moar video!

Today, Dr. Khalid decided to teach us a lil bit about MovieMaker. MovieMaker is becoming a staple knowledge for students nowadays. Even for me, I use the software every semester to tackle my assignment. Plus, MovieMaker is the most commonly used software among my classmates, according to the number of hands raised.

Anyways, students shouldn’t limit themselves to MovieMaker. There are a lot of video editing software available, and they are powerful. This includes Blender, Adobe Premiere, FinalCut Pro, etc.
With that said, I’m still contemplating on which video editing software to use for our video assignment. Hopefully it’ll be fun!